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O, that we could live on love

it could fill every need

to sate your manifold desires

from hunger – thirst you’re freed

we do not need to eat or drink

or work – just shirk like this

the only judgment we must make

“Should we one pleasure miss?”

no need to fill our loneliness

with things that matter not

in all the so-called friends you have

the one you need, you’ve got

and as you lie here in his arms

his words like golden rays

of soothing sunshine to your soul

on blue-skied cloudless days

his kisses are the sweetest things

you’ve tasted anywhere

you tremble at his probing touch

when he caresses there

his breath inspires a “goose-bumped” rush

your sensate body grace

emotions soar – they bear you now

above this mortal place

right here and now – eternally

no other place to be

just share his love – you fit like gloves

and do so breathlessly

O, that all moments were like this

life could this perfect be

that you had nowhere else to go

just love here aimlessly

and float on your comingled love

impelled by shared desire

that you could never get enough

to lofty dreams aspire

but soon you hear the ticking clock

and nightfall brings its gloom

and with it thoughts you must oblige

reality too soon

for there are other mouths to feed

and hearts you must console

what you’ve shared isn’t everything

just one portion of the whole

there’re clothes to wash and chores to do

and kids to get to school

a husband who will want your love

my God, life can be cruel

you shower, dry and dress and go

you leave him in your wake

the memories of what you leave

haunt, dreaming or awake

in the middle of your cardboard day

you close your eyes and see

your lover draped in satin sheets

and he’s your fantasy.

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